Name, narrate, navigate: A pilot program for young people who perpetrate family and domestic violence. (Note: This presentation will form a part of the juvenile DFV concurrent session)

Dr Tamara Blakemore1

1University Of Newcastle, Newcastle, Australia

Interpersonal violence (including family and domestic violence) is a complex, serious and growing issue in regional and rural Australia requiring coordinated and contextualised responses. The ‘Name; Narrate; Navigate’ pilot program was developed to address the current unmet need for coordinated early intervention services and supports specifically targeted at young people who perpetrate violence in their relationships with partners, parents and carers. Drawing on the results of pilot research in the Hunter Region of NSW as well as the collaborative input of a community of invested practitioners this program uses photovoice methods to engage with young people around key drivers of violence: emotional literacy; communication skills; empathy; power and control; blame, shame and choice. Photovoice methods have been demonstrated as useful in working with those involved in the criminal justice system (e.g., Fitzgibbon & Healy, 2017; Fitzgibbon & Stengel, 2017), particularly for their capacity to reveal novel and expressive insights into the lives of those often thought ‘hard-to-reach’.  This presentation highlights the collaborative, trauma informed and culturally sensitive approach taken in the development of the ‘Name; Narrate; Navigate’ pilot program and presents developing insights from initial phases of implementation and delivery of the program in the Hunter.


Dr Tamara Blakemore is a social work practitioner, researcher and educator. Her framework for practice is focused contexts and connections and how experience of these prompt, facilitate and constrain wellbeing. Tamara is a conjoint researcher with the Australian Centre for Child Protection (UniSA) with whom she has worked to produce research for the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse. A senior Social Work lecturer in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences at UON, Tamara remains actively involved in clinical practice and is an advocate for holistic, connection based responses to social issues experienced by children, young people, their families and communities.