‘Young people connected. Communities protected.’ Development of a state plan in South Australia to provide vulnerable young people and their families with connected supports, programs and services.

Ms Sarah Strathearn1

1South Australia Department Of Human Services, , Australia

South Australia’s Department of Human Services Youth Justice Division is currently leading the co-design of a state wide  strategy to provide vulnerable young people with connected supports, programs and services in the youth justice system, with a particular focus on addressing the over-representation of Aboriginal young people in the justice system.

Creating a connected and accountable state-wide approach will promote a co- ordinated response to young people that are at risk of and involved in the Youth Justice System through the range of revitalised and innovative evidence based services to support early intervention, diversion, young people’s wellbeing, reconnection with community and with a strong focus on Aboriginal community support.


Sarah’s change management approach comes from extensive experience in both the public and private sector where she sees stakeholder consultation and engagement as critical factors for success.  She has experience across a range of areas including Youth Justice, R&D, Education, Health, Employment & Workplace Relations, Social Services, and Environmental Resource Management. She has been involved in the innovative, research based development of policy, guidelines and operational practices that have set benchmarks for best practice in these areas.

Sarah has most recently driven the alignment of legislation, policy and operational practice in Youth Justice Reform through the Behaviour Support Framework at the Adelaide Youth Training Centre and is a current project lead for South Australia’s ‘Connected Youth Justice’ strategy development that is designing the provision of connected supports, programs and services to vulnerable young people.