Design, delivery and evaluation of Qld Youth Justice’s Transition 2 Success (T2S) therapeutic and vocational service model

Mr Nicholas Dwyer1

1Department Child Safety, Youth And Women, Brisbane, Australia

Transition 2 Success (T2S) is a therapeutic and vocational service model delivered within the community to young people aged 15-17 who are involved, or at risk of involvement, in the justice system due to a prolonged disengagement from education, training or employment.  The model is based on the delivery of nationally recognised certificates within a therapeutic context and seeks to develop the personal, social and practical skills young people need to access and maintain pro-social opportunities.    T2S teams work in close collaboration with Registered Training Organisations, community agencies, private businesses and other government agencies to share resources and expertise with the view of providing opportunities for participants to transition into a positive pathway.

The T2S program was established in 2015 in Queensland in response to the continued risk of offending by young people due to prolonged disengagement from education, training or employment.  A high proportion of young people referred and enrolled in T2S are those who have exhausted mainstream opportunities and who require alternative, intensive support.

T2S is currently delivered in eleven Youth Justice Service Centres in Qld and was recently subject to an external evaluation conducted by Deloitte Access Economics.  The Evaluation found that T2S was having a signficant impact on re/offending rates, reduced time spent in custody for participants and provided value for money as demonstrated through a cost-benefit analysis.   Building on the success of T2S is a government commitment noted in the recent Qld Youth Justice Strategy.


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