The psychology of sexual offenders and the ‘Whole Story’ investigations of sexual crime, including child sexual exploitation

Dr Patrick Tidmarsh1, Detective Senior Sergeant Craig Gye

1Victoria Police, Australia

This ‘short shot’ will discuss how research on sexual offenders has affected the investigation of sexual crime, including ‘specialist’ approaches, ‘Whole Story’ investigation methodology, improved complainant interviewing and eliciting relationship evidence, countering myths and misconceptions of sexual crime, and developing effective prosecutions.


Dr Patrick Tidmarsh is a Criminologist and Forensic Interview Advisor. He is the Manager of the Sexual Offences and Child Abuse Team (SOCIT) at Victoria Police, Family Violence Command. He has worked in the SOCIT since it was established, in 2007, to improve the investigation of sexual assault and sexual child abuse. There are now 28 SOCIT offices across Victoria, comprising over 450 specialist sexual crime investigators. Patrick’s key role has been to develop police members’ understanding of sexual offending and sexual offenders, including developing effective interview processes for sexual offence suspects.

Detective Senior Sergeant Craig Gye is the Officer in Charge of Victoria’s busiest SOCIT. He has worked in the sexual crime theme for many years. He has been instrumental in the development of improved investigation and disruption practice for tackling child sexual exploitation.