A prevention-based pilot study to reduce volume crime in Auckland (Waitemata East) through identifying our most prolific offenders, screening their needs and supporting them with a humane approach.

Mr Craig Heslop1Michael Wall1

1New Zealand Police, Auckland, New Zealand


Purpose: To prevent volume crime in Waitemata East through identifying our most prolific offenders, screening their needs and supporting them with a humane approach.

Nature and scope:

  • Targeting a treatment group of 30 local high-risk offenders compared to a similar control group.
  • Preventing volume crime over a 12-month pilot study comparing a local treatment and control group.
  • The pilot runs from May 2020 to June 2021.


  • An enforcement focused approach is not reducing the rate of volume crime within our community.
  • A small proportion of offenders appear to commit the majority of total offences.
  • The Tactical Crime Team who respond to volume crime are over-burdened with ongoing incidents.

Screen and Support: An in-depth screening process has taken place to understand the participant’s history, current situation, and future vision. Ongoing support involves a systematic coaching process, referrals to professional partner agencies and on-going risk assessment.

Outcome (9-month Evidence Based Policing Report) : The key finding is that participation in the Crossroads Project is associated with a decrease in reoffending and crime harm during the first nine months of starting the project. Crossroads participants caused less harm and were less likely to reoffend when compared to a matched cohort of offenders. Participants who received treatment before opting out of the program still had better outcomes than the matched control participants.

Volume Crime Offences:

Treatment: 1

Control: 17

Total Crime Harm:

Treatment: 200

Control: 1100


Craig Heslop brings a humane approach to policing. His passion is to prevent crime through evidence, compassion, support. Prior to joining the police, Craig spent several years working abroad. He built a successful fitness company in the Middle East before returning to New Zealand with his family. Craig is an active police officer and leads a pioneering prevention team on the North Shore of Auckland. He is currently completing his last paper on terrorism and political violence before embarking on his masters program. He recently passed AOS selection and hopes to make the team in the near future. Outside of policing, Craig’s is a passionate family man and jujitsu athlete.

Michael Wall is a Constable in the New Zealand police working as a network lead for the Evidence-Based Policing Centre. His role is to drive the use of evidence-based policing in districts and help generate local evidence, so we can understand what works, what doesn’t and what looks promising in our local context.