Dr Rick Brown

Deputy Director, Australian Institute of Criminology

Dr Rick Brown is the Deputy Director of the Australian Institute of Criminology. He has been a criminologist for 30 years and has worked extensively on issues associated with crime prevention, community safety and policing in Australia, the UK and Republic of Ireland.
He was previously Managing Director of a research consultancy that focused on crime and justice issues and worked as a Research Manager for the Home Office in London where he ran programs of research on vehicle crime and domestic burglary.
Rick has published over 60 government reports, book chapters and journal articles on a range of issues including antisocial behaviour, arson, burglary, CCTV, community justice, drink driving, implementing crime prevention, organised crime, ID crime, policing and vehicle crime.
He holds a PhD from the London School of Economics and Political Science, a Master of Arts degree from the University of Westminster and a Bachelor of Arts (with Honours) degree from Hatfield Polytechnic in the UK.
Rick is also a Visiting Fellow of Policing and Criminal Justice at the University of Derby and on the editorial boards of the Journal of Community Safety, the Crime Prevention and Community Safety Journal and the Security Journal.

Presentation: Using crime science to tackle online child sexual abuse.

Reports of online child sexual abuse have continued to rise in Australia, made worse in the past year by the COVID-19 pandemic. This presentation will explore the importance of problem definition, demonstrating that this is in fact a series of different problems, each of which demand a tailored solution. The presentation will present some of the ways in which research funded by the Australian Institute of Criminology is seeking to better understand online child sexual abuse and develop responses that aim to increase the risk of detection, reduce rewards and increase the effort associated with offending.