Professor Lawrence Sherman

Chief Executive, Cambridge Centre for Evidence-Based Policing Ltd

Lawrence W. Sherman is Chief Executive of the Cambridge Centre for Evidence-Based Policing Ltd, a global online and in-person training and consultancy firm. As Wolfson Professor of Criminology Emeritus at the University of Cambridge, he also serves as Director of the Cambridge University Police Executive Programme,. Since beginning his career as an analyst in the New York City Police Department, he has designed or led experiments in over 50 police agencies on four continents, and trained over 2,000 police officers and analysts in evidence-based policing. A former President of the American Society of Criminology, he holds honorary degrees or medals from five universities. In 2010 he was elected Honorary President by the UK founders of the Society of Evidence-Based Policing, and continues to serve as a global champion of better research for better policing.

Presentation: Balancing Racial Inequity in Victimisations vs. Policing: The Cambridge RAD Index

Can racial equity in crime and policing be measured with the use of a Risk-Adjusted Disparity (RAD) Index of the degree to which policing across racial categories is “balanced” in its ratios of preventive police actions per 100 serious crimes committed against members of each racial category? Lawrence will talk us through how this can be applied in your everyday work.