Sysware works alongside organisations to harness the power of data insights and enable evidence-based decisions.

With more than 30 years of experience in business intelligence and analytics, Sysware has the specialist knowledge and resources to help analyse, visualise and capitalise on critical business information.

Our experience covers a wide range of industries, including government, banking, insurance, utilities, education, telecommunications, health, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, retail and law enforcement.

In addition to our comprehensive business intelligence solutions, Sysware also has a proud history of innovation in product development, providing our own IP solutions to help leading organisations solve some very common challenges.

Our vision of providing exceptional business solutions, consulting resources, products, and services is based on our fundamental values of teamwork, knowledge, innovation, quality and commitment to our clients.

Australia & New Zealand Society of Evidence Based Policing

The Australia & New Zealand Society of Evidence Based Policing (ANZSEBP) was formed in April 2013 in Brisbane, Australia. The ANZSEBP is a police practitioner-led Society. The mission of the ANZSEBP is to develop, disseminate and advocate for police to use scientific research (“the evidence”) to guide best practice in all aspects of policing. The ANZSEBP Chairperson serves on the Executive Board of the British Society of Evidence Based Policing, ensuring that the ANZSEBP works cooperatively with an international group of police to advance evidence based policing.

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